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Episode 15: We’re Back: A Talking Questions Story

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We’re not dead!!! I (Lee) am finally back from Haiti, and we’re getting back on the ‘ol podcast ball. I know, it’s been a long time since our last episode. BUT it’s not entirely our fault. We recorded an AMAZING new episode last week buuut, I accidentally deleted it… I’m sorry. But I think this one makes up for it!? You tell me. Remember, we’re always looking for new interesting guests so you don’t just have to listen to us. So if you think you’re interesting, know someone interesting, or just have a person you want us to try to get on, go ahead and message us on twitter (@talkingquestion). We’d love to hear from you. Anyway, without further ado, I give you episode 15: We’re Back: A Talking Questions Story.

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Episode 14: Christmascast w/ Caleb Bacon

Christmas in the post-War United States

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Since Lee is going away to Haiti for two weeks, we thought we’d upload a little mini episode for you guys. We talk about our Christmas, Lee going away, and get a very special call from Caleb Bacon. Hope you enjoy! See you in two weeks!

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The Change: From Listener to Participant

After meeting so many other podcasters via the internet, I’ve been thinking about the medium a lot recently.  Not about my own show, or myself and how I can interact within the realm, but more about other podcasters.  I know where I came from and what my motivations are.  But, how was it that so many of these other people came to be participants?  There are numbers that suggest that the current number of shows available in podcast form are in the millions.  I’ve also read they’re in the hundreds of thousands.  Apparently, no one knows for sure.  Personally, it makes me curious.

Luckily, as I was ruminating over this idea last week, a discussion broke out in the Independent Podcasting Alliance on Facebook.  The exact same question was posed by Peter James Reilly of the Gasm Podcast:
Question: “…What got you into Podcasting?  This is such a strange medium…

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Episode 13: Down & Dirty W/ Fats Ferguson

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Once again, another monumental episode featuring our very good friend Leland “Fats” Ferguson from the Banned For Life Show. You want cutting edge special effects? WE GOT IT. You want intriguing, thought-provoking interviews? WE GOT IT. You want comedy? WE GOT IT! Sit down, shut up, listen.. Talking Questions.


Celebrity Guest Call-In:


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Episode 12: What Are Ya Gonna Do?

English: Tim Minchin

This is a very important episode as it has guns / action / suspense / comedy / guests / other things! Also maybe the end of Talking Questions? We shall see!!!


Sound Engineer:

Guest Co-Host:

Guest Call-In:


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Episode 11: Long-Nose Rape Mask

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After quite a hiatus, we’ve finally put out a new episode. It’s by far our longest episode yet. Clocking in at 1 hour 3 min. And we think you’ll love every second of it. We talk about some shows you should be watching, new video games. A way for you, yes YOU, to be in the new Dark Knight Rises movie! And plenty of other things you can’t help but love. So listen, enjoy, and question.

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Episode 10: Podkatzcast

We know, we know.. It’s been a while. But it’s all explained in the episode. Just give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. We even phone in special guest, Dan Katz from PodkatzHallowiener Porno Nights, for a little mini interview for you guys. Also sorry in advance for the terrible audio quality at the beginning of the show. Someone fudged with the mics. So as always, listen. Let us know what you think. Leave comments. Email. Call us. Whatever you want.

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