Episode 5: Bad Wolf

In another grand episode of Talking Questions Gage mistakes it for episode 4, we talk about nerdy stuff, another impromptu song you all love so much, and MORE! Catch-up, listen up, and talk questions!

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About Talking Questions

A newborn podcast birthed by its loving parents Lee Kelly & Gage Spry.

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  1. I listened to this whole thing just to hear the bit where you call B4L racist and I think I missed it GODDAMN SON

  2. Thanks for checking the Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast out! Doing the same now. Oh and our actual site is here: http://darkives.com/

  3. If the Boys in the Steam Room (see my blog under the Nonsensical Chatter category) went down the pub and had a couple of pints of real ale, I suspect their conversation would sound rather like you! Very entertaining. Thanks for subscribing.

  4. Sounds like you guys are having a hell of a time recording your shows (3 takes?! sheesh I can’t imagine that kind of commitment). As for fave Doctor Who, I have to go with David Tenant. You should give seasons 2-4 of the new doctor a shot. I’m still trying to like the newest doc, Matt Smith, but I sure miss Tenant.

  5. You guys must of been totally wasted while doing this. Hahaha.

  6. Our shows should become friends

  7. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I hope you give our show a listen. I tried to stream yours at work but the connection here is terrible; I’ll give it a listen once I get home.

  8. Funny Guys Lee and Gage and Hello Marissa (is that the right spelling) Thanks for subscribing to my pages. Still laughing at Christofull Ecclestern – as if you’ve crossed Christopher Eccleston with Howard Stern. Bad Wolf.

  9. The Knighted Nerd

    Just listened to Episode 5: Bad Wolf, and I found you guys after you subscribed to my blog.

    I really loved you guys and your sense of humor. I did find myself laughing at most (98%) of your stuff. Keep up the awesome stuff guys!

  10. Hey guys, just noticed I’ve been getting some love on my site from you guys. So I thought I’d give your show a try.

    In one word – Hilarious.

    I’ve been listening to a lot of the comedy podcasts lately, like WTF, Nerdist, Smodcast Radio, etc. And I’m going to have to put you guys in the rotation.

    Thanks for checking out my show.

    – Von

  11. Talking Questions gave me cancer, but they cured my AIDS!

  12. Greatest damn podcast I’ve ever heard!

  13. A little racist, huh? This will be addressed and handled with wild racism on the next Banned For Life Show. Seriously though, love you guise.

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