Episode 6: Classycast

Yes! We have finally put a new episode up. Sorry for the wait. But don’t worry, this is by far our longest and most action packed yet!!! We also bring back a celebrity co-host: James Cassidy. Many questions are talked and followed up with some great A+ answers. So listen up!

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About Talking Questions

A newborn podcast birthed by its loving parents Lee Kelly & Gage Spry.

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  1. Hey – noticed someone from here subscribed to my blog – http://www.ramenrater.com – I’d be happy to do an interview for your podcast if you want…

    Hans Lienesch
    The Ramen Rater

  2. Thanks subscribing to my blog ;-)

  3. Great stuff guys. Thanks for the giggles :)

  4. I must admit I was quite disturbed by the racism toward the end of the show by James. Nothing.

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