Episode 10: Podkatzcast

We know, we know.. It’s been a while. But it’s all explained in the episode. Just give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. We even phone in special guest, Dan Katz from PodkatzHallowiener Porno Nights, for a little mini interview for you guys. Also sorry in advance for the terrible audio quality at the beginning of the show. Someone fudged with the mics. So as always, listen. Let us know what you think. Leave comments. Email. Call us. Whatever you want.

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About Talking Questions

A newborn podcast birthed by its loving parents Lee Kelly & Gage Spry.

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  1. lol this is too crazy thanks!

  2. Chill Vibe Experience

    Classic funny!!!

  3. Okay…i need to learn how to podcast… ’cause I’m smoking hot. ;-) Seriously cool stuff here. Glad I stopped by.

    I’ll be back (but not in an obnoxious Arnold way.)


  5. Hey, guys. I appreciate all you do for me and my family each time you put out your show.

    I had the most intense and vivid dream two nights ago. Are you sitting down? Cool.

    It all started with me and Lee heading down to the farmer’s market to select some prime radishes for our nightly Santeria ritual. Long story short, Lee made a mess of things, and some people had to pay the price. Sure, it wasn’t easy to exact justice on the children, but the means justify the end, no?

    When all hope seemed lost, and Lee was making a suicide-pact with me (I was a stylized cartoon steam-engine at the time with a smiling face and a rock-hard erection of a cock) I noticed something unexpected and un-called for.

    Gage descended from the ceiling appearing as Cupid.

    Until this point in time, I never considered how strange Cupid is a symbol of Love. He is, after all, a grown man wearing a diaper, shooting random strangers with arrows that make them love the person they are standing closest to. I mean, what the fuck? What if I was Cupid and I decided to be an absolute prick and I shot you with my arrow while you were talking to your dad, or even your younger nephew? What if Cupid was an asshole?

    Furthermore, what if Cupid stumbled and shot your intended love right in the face? Good Christ, can you imagine how horrible it must be to take an arrow straight to the face?

    I think we have given too much power to this “Cupid” person.

    In closing, I have submitted an official request to Tallahassee requesting that Gage “Cupid” Spry be added to the sexual predator registry.

    “The only thing we have to fear is rape. Rape by a guy. Especially if you are a guy also.”
    -Bruce Rossmeyer

  6. I’m going to go all McDonald’s on you and say “I’m lovin’ it!”

  7. Fellas, I’m unashamedly spamming you. I’d appreciate your support in the 2011 Podcast Awards. http://www.PodcastAwards.com. Vote for the Americana Rock Mix under the “Podsafe Music” category.

    Much love. Much appreciation.

  8. Nice work. Keep it up. :)

  9. *checks the sidebar*

    Wait, it’s “One HORSE Saloon”? I was hearing “One WHORE Saloon”. I don’t know if I’m relieved or disappointed, now.

  10. Hey guys thanks for checking out my blog type thing like the show, gota work my way through your back catalogue now :D

  11. Awesome!

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