The Change: From Listener to Participant

After meeting so many other podcasters via the internet, I’ve been thinking about the medium a lot recently.  Not about my own show, or myself and how I can interact within the realm, but more about other podcasters.  I know where I came from and what my motivations are.  But, how was it that so many of these other people came to be participants?  There are numbers that suggest that the current number of shows available in podcast form are in the millions.  I’ve also read they’re in the hundreds of thousands.  Apparently, no one knows for sure.  Personally, it makes me curious.

Luckily, as I was ruminating over this idea last week, a discussion broke out in the Independent Podcasting Alliance on Facebook.  The exact same question was posed by Peter James Reilly of the Gasm Podcast:
Question: “…What got you into Podcasting?  This is such a strange medium…

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  1. Hello, I have nominated you guys for a Versatile Blogger Award – see my latest post.

    While I’m on, can you answer a question from a techno-idiot? What’s the difference between a podcast and an audio recording? If I embed an audio file in my blog, is that a podcast, or is there a distinction? I feel I need to know, but until now I couldn’t be arsed finding out, but you’ll know, so this is an opportunity to find out!

  2. Nice article. I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast to go along with my blog. It feels like there’s a lot to learn before that’s something that will be possible, though.

  3. Hmm, is it because I’m mobile or is part of this post missing?

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