Mark the occasion (It took me three tries to spell “occasion” right) because yours truly,


Lee Kelly

, has started his very own high class, prestigious, well-renowned podcast network known as That’s

On it, you can expect to find HILARIOUS new episodes from podcasts such as: Talking Questions 0_-, The Tower of Sour, PodKatz, PF’s Tape Recorder, the Paul Goebel show, and MANY MORE!!!

We also have tons of fantastic guests on, and we have our own blog! You will hear about all the great news the podcasting world has before all your friends, exclusive interviews with today’s top podcasters and lots more. Please, come on over to and check it out. Tell your friends, tweet about it, like it on facebook, whatever you want cuz it’s getting BIG!

We are also accepting writer to be a part of the team!!! If you are interested, head to and click CONTACT in the menu bar. Fill out the Writer Submission form and we’ll check you out.

Talking Questions thanks you thanks you

and I thank you!

About Talking Questions

A newborn podcast birthed by its loving parents Lee Kelly & Gage Spry.

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  1. You may have already heard, but as one of my followers I would like to invite you to my bad girl blog:

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