Hellooooch! Welcome to Talking Questions, a weekly comedy podcast hosted by Lee Kelly & Gage Spry. It is the best and greatest podcast ever created. ENJOY!!!






Born at the top of the tallest mountain ever.

Lee grew up on a steady diet of cigars and Jack

Daniels until one day a Cloverfield monster

came and attacked his village. He was the only

one left after the attack, and swore revenge

through staying up all night and masturbating to

Emma Watson. Though he does not yet know,

he will one day grow up to be the final doctor.



Long before this age we know, the one they call

 Gage was forged in the fires of Mt. Doom. His

 DNA is said to be the modern blueprint for an

archangel. He excels in all aspects of everything

but sports and girlfriending. He party’s. He has

 also started and ended every major fad. So you’re


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  2. Thanks for the follow! Enjoyed the Podcast…if you ever need/want a guest, let me know! I’d love to come on..if you’d let me, of course.

  3. thanks for stopping by…i look forward to seeing what your blog is about, from what I have read thus far I will be very entertained…lol

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  15. “He excels in everything but sports and girlfriending” made me laugh out loud.

  16. thanks for the follow! Big fan of Code Monkeys here so really appreciate your ‘avatars’ up the top there. Look forward to hearing your stuff and maybe doing a call in and heckling..

  17. Nice to meet you! And thanks for starting and ending every fad….ever. :)
    What are you guys looking at?

  18. funny! thank you!

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  20. thanks again guys, look, here’s the thing…as much as i’d like to tune in and download/watch your stuff i am a tech idiot…it’s all i can do to use this here technology let alone download podcasts etc. i will try, but who knows? anyway, continue…

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  29. Lee has the sexiest voice of all time.. just saying.

  30. Thank you for the ‘like’, hope you’ll come back on our blog for more. We’ll check out yours. Cheers.

  31. Thanks for the “like”! Looking forward to checking out your blog :)

  32. Gentlemen may I first start orf by offering my sincere and heartfelt mastications for your own LIKE indication expressed on both my DH Club No’s 11 and 12 Reports.

    I am gratified as I am sure Her Glorious Majesty QE2 will also be – by the way, that Glorious Lady is also a fan of mine and I am sure that when she sees your appreciation of mine both her and her Corgies and possibly the old man she lives with in Buck Palace London (which many of you Colonists refer to as being where England can be found, namely inside London) by the name of Phil the Greek will be ordering your Blogs up to read with their bedtime Cocoa and Snuff.

    May I further offer compliments to you with regard to your support of Ms Emma Watson – there’s no doubt that many young Ladies need a bit of extra spunkiness in their lives in order to help them achieve their goals which are often strenuous in nature – don’t forget “a spunky girl achieves for without it she can’t conceive (the pitfalls in life ahead).”

    My condolences to your colleague Mr. Gage who must be freezing his nuts off over there in Archangel Russia. Do ask him from me if he needs a blanket or two sending over or, for a real bit of heat, I could Nuke the fucking place.

    Toodle Pip Sirs!

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  39. +z$8frZdyL%68pSU/:>w<:E3.lG-!XIB



  40. Talking Questions: One of the many things to do in Denver when you’re dead.

  41. Thanks for the subscription to a fellow fledgling podcast. May we both grow with splendor.

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  43. Thanks for the attention, gentlemen. Been working my way through some of the goods of good stuff here…be well…

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  46. super cool pics :D nice about part :P

  47. I have to say that I like your design for this page, especially the whole “looking up” thing. I will definitely be checking out the show.

  48. Heya! Thanks for subscribing to us (The Wall of Art) :) Cheers! Kash.

  49. I have a feeling that Lee’s got dat big ‘ol dick 0_-

  50. This podcast makes my pp hard!

  51. That second dude looks like he’s holding shorts up in front of himself.

  52. HAHA. Sounds like Kim Jong Il’s bio.

  53. Waking up in the morning with a hard on and listening to talking questions always makes my day better.

  54. Reminds me of Nerdist! BUT BETTER!

  55. Ha! Awesome about photos. :-) Thanks for the subscribe on The CreativeLife podcast with Jenny Yang! I do hope I do not disappoint. Looking forward to checking out your stuff! – Yang

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