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Mark the occasion (It took me three tries to spell “occasion” right) because yours truly,


Lee Kelly

, has started his very own high class, prestigious, well-renowned podcast network known as That’s

On it, you can expect to find HILARIOUS new episodes from podcasts such as: Talking Questions 0_-, The Tower of Sour, PodKatz, PF’s Tape Recorder, the Paul Goebel show, and MANY MORE!!!

We also have tons of fantastic guests on, and we have our own blog! You will hear about all the great news the podcasting world has before all your friends, exclusive interviews with today’s top podcasters and lots more. Please, come on over to and check it out. Tell your friends, tweet about it, like it on facebook, whatever you want cuz it’s getting BIG!

We are also accepting writer to be a part of the team!!! If you are interested, head to and click CONTACT in the menu bar. Fill out the Writer Submission form and we’ll check you out.

Talking Questions thanks you thanks you

and I thank you!

Just an update

Just want to let everyone know what’s going on with us since it’s been a while. We’re working on a new episode, we promise, just been a bit busy! In the mean time my dad has entered his bar into a contest to win $3000 in free advertising, which he could really use. He made the top 2 but we need YOUR help to win. Just click HERE to vote for Aunna. You can vote once a day per email. If you’re feeling really generous, go ahead and share it with your followers, then send us an email letting us know and we can give you a shoutout in a new episode and add you to the friends of the page as a thanks. Thanks a lot guys, we love all the support we’ve been getting with the show lately. We’ve been getting a record number of hits lately and want to show our appreciation. Keep leaving the great comments and emailing us. Love you guys!


Welcome to the official Talking Questions website where we will be releasing our new podcasts. Please check back often or follow us on twitter (@talkingquestion) to get any Talking Questions related news, episodes, etc. Thank you!